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  • Code Of Conduct

    The SIMT’s code of conduct outlines principles, policies and some of the laws that govern the activities of the college and to which our employees (faculty , staff and students) and others who represent the college must adhere.

    The code provides the guidance for professional conduct. The success and reputation of the collefe in fulfilling its mission depends on the ethical behavior, honest, integrity and good judgment of each member of the community. Al the employees and other individuals representing the college are expected to inform themselves about and comply with college policies and regulations pertaining to them.

    All the students are expected to adhere to the stipulations of the SIMT Honor Code, which addresses lying, cheating, stealing, plagiarism and vandalism.

    Students are subject to disciplinary action for violating the following code of conduct:

    1. Conduct that violates local, state or Federal laws or university regulations regarding alcohol and other drugs.

    2. Conduct that constitutes a danger to the personal safety of other members of the campus community. This may include assault, attempted assault, or the threat of assault.

    3. Conduct that obstructs seriously impairs attempts to obstruct or seriously impair campus-run or campus-authorized activities on any campus property, indoors or out.

    4. Acts which violate campus provisions concerning parking, traffic, ID cards, university keys, smokig in unauthorized places, carrying firearms, unauthorized peddling, unauthorized use of sound amplifying equipment, and other acts which violate local, state or federal laws, or which violate appropriate conduct.

    5. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, threatening, intimidating, verbally abusing, impeding, telephoning, communicating electronically, following or persistently bothering or annoying. Harassment may represent but is not limited to acts based on race, religion, national origin, handicap or sexual orientation.

    6. Failing to abide by disciplinary sanctions imposed by SIMT judicial body